Hyper Deflationary Token with BUSD Reflections

Micro Santa coin works on an autonomous frictionless yield farming and liquidity generation protocol.
Simply hold $MicroSanta tokens in your
wallet and earn passive income in Binance USD
Just Hold And Accumulate Weath!

WHY HOLD Micro Santa?

Micro Santa is a deflationary token designed to become more scarce over time. All holders of MicroSanta will earn an 8% reward from every Buy/Sell Transaction in Binance pegged BUSD, which is automatically sent to your wallet.

Funded by strategic buyback, 3% of tokens are collected from every transaction and converted to BNB, and are stored in the contract. When BuyBack Wallet is enabled It purchases BUSD directly from exchanges and instantly removes the purchased tokens permanently from circulation while making green candles on the price chart. 2% of every transaction is transferred into the liquidity pool for PancakeSwap to create a stable price floor.

BUSD Reward

Auto Liquidity

Multi Buy Back


Micro Santa Coin is the next evolution of a reflection token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): the first BUSD reflection token to maximize your earnings for both now & the future. Simply hold $MicroSanta and get rewarded 8% in BUSD from each transaction, automatically delivered to your wallet.

  • 8% of every buy/sell is redistributed to all holders IN BUSD.
  • 4% of every transaction is transferred into Liquidity Pool for Pancakeswap to create a stable price floor
  • Any transaction between two wallets is taxed 14% by contracts & distributed as rewards

Reward to Holders


Liquidity Fees


Buy Back + Burn





BUSD Reflections

Earn automatic Binance pegged BUSD rewards by holding your Micro Santa Coin – 8% of every buy and sell transaction is redistributed to all token holders directly in wallets. You will receive the rewards automatically in your wallet or claim your rewards manually in our dApp Dashboard anytime. (dApp Launching Soon) This effectively means that the native reflection of MicroSanta works in parallel with Stable Yield, while exponentially increasing your holdings.

Liquidity Pool

Our Smart contract deposits 4% from every buy/sell transaction as $MicroSanta and $BNB into a liquidity pool. Pancakeswap fixes the low liquidity problems of DEXs through the liquidity Pools. A liquidity pool always contains a pair of tokens, Instead of maintaining an order book like traditional exchanges, Every Buy/Sell trade is matched with Liquidity in the Liquidity Pool. A bigger liquidity pool will provide more stability to the $MicroSanta price.

Buy-Back Wallet

3% tokens are collected from every transaction and converted to BNB and are stored in Our contract. This wallet is known as BuyBack Wallet, when enabled it purchases $EBC from exchanges and removes the purchased tokens permanently from circulating supply while simultaneously making green candles.

Anti-Whale Mechanism

Our Anti-Whale function ensures that No sale amounts higher than 0.25% of the total supply are possible at once. The Anti-whale won’t necessarily stop Whales from selling but having a maximum limit works as an indicator when a Whale is trying to sell their tokens and avoids price manipulations.

Exchange Listings Coming Soon

Benefits for MicroSanta Token Holders

NFT Collection

Our unique 10,0000 piece NFT ollection will have limited minting options to Micro Santa holders. After which it will be opened to the general public for minting. This minting will be free to any Micro Santa holders, holding more than $300 at the time of release. Should you hold less than $300 in Micro Santa you will get exclusive access but must pay fees to cover minting costs.

App and Swap Exchange

With constant updates and community involvement, Our dApp Dashboard consists of Swap exchange with a user-friendly interface and allows to view Rewards generated in real-time. Our Ecosystem lends itself to endless potential, all made possible by our team, which is the perfect mix of brain and brawn, to make the experience a personal one for every investor.

Staking Pools

By using an innovative set of smart contracts for Staking Pools, we will be transferring some of our liquidity to our Partnered Tokens by buying them on certain contract interactions. The purchased tokens are then distributed amongst participants of the Pool. This concept gives our token its sustainable utility in which staking X token to earn Y token makes economical and mathematical sense.

Micro Santa Road Map

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